How to be a great company director.

What will you learn by taking the Diploma in Corporate Governance? David Duffy, the CEO of the Corporate Governance Institute, discusses the course objectives, the first of which is how to be a great company director.

The first objective is to ensure course attendees understand what it takes to be a great company director.

The second is to give people the competence, the confidence and the mindset to ask the simple but telling questions in the boardroom that your colleagues may be afraid to ask.

Thirdly, it is about giving people the ability to position and promote themselves as non-executive directors. 

There are ten modules in this 36-hour, ten-week online course, and in this video, David Duffy outlines what they are and how they will prepare you for a role as a company director. 

The Diploma in Corporate Governance is delivered by experienced board directors.

When people take this Diploma, they emerge with a clear understanding of how boards work and how to participate in boardroom discussions.

Graduates are better equipped to navigate how the various board committees operate, which committees should be in place and how they enhance the smooth operation of a company and its board.

People who take a Diploma in Corporate Governance understand what skills are necessary to be effective and impactful in the boardroom.