About the Corporate Governance Institute

Over the past few years, boards, and their directors, have come under increased scrutiny. The governance of organisations has become more onerous, due to increased regulation, more demanding governance codes, and less public sympathy for incompetent boards and directors.

While board participation used to be considered an “easy ride” for many retiring professionals, in today’s environment, directors have become increasingly liable for their actions at board level.

As a consequence, there is a groundswell of demand for directors to have recognised corporate governance qualifications. The Corporate Governance Institute is providing board directors with education and certification to the  highest standards around the globe.

Working with leading practitioners in the industry, we have created a world-class syllabus for the modern board director. We believe that the content and structure of the Diploma in Corporate Governance is a perfect fit for the global demands.
The simple fact is that there are simply not enough Board Directors being Qualified & Certified to meet the ever-growing demand.  We have the appropriate product-market fit at the right price at the right time.

The Corporate Governance Institute is helping to define and codify what it means to be a board director.

We are establishing a code of practice that can be taught, learned and implemented, online, in all boards across the globe.  We are accredited by a leading European university. This accreditation ensures that we are part of the European Qualification Framework (EQF), which, in turn, is directly comparable across the globe from an academic, professional and career perspective. 


Anthony Quigley
Founder & Executive Chairman

Anthony is a Board Member and Strategic Advisor to a number of educational organisations. A recognised leader in the online education sector, he co-founded and was CEO of Digital Marketing Institute (sold in 2017), is founder of Code Institute (a fast-growing EdTech provider of software development programmes), strategic advisor, investor, and board member of a number of EdTech venture. He has founded, developed and sold a number of other successful businesses.

  • Founder  – Digital Marketing Institute (Exit, 2017)
  • Founder – Code Institute
  • Investor/Board – UX Design Institute
  • Investor/Board  – CX Academy
  • Non Executive Director – Learn Signal
  • Founder – 3XE Digital 
  • Founder – Web Kitchen (Exit, 2008)
  • Founder – Net Results (Exit, 2000)

David W Duffy
Founder & CEO

David is the Founder & CEO of The Corporate Governance Institute and of The Governance Company an advisory company.

He has provided governance advisory services to plcs, financial institutions, state organisations, universities, private companies, membership bodies, charities, sporting and healthcare organisations and regulators for over 15 years to over 200 organisations. 

He is an experience board member and has served on boards in Ireland, UK and France.

He is Ireland’s leading author on corporate governance. His last two books are  “A Practical Guide to Corporate Governance” and “A Practical Guide for Company Directors” and were published by Chartered Accountants Ireland.  

David is considered an innovator in governance research and engagement and is an authority for all things board-related in Ireland and across Europe.

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