How can a Diploma in Corporate Governance enhance your career?

Diploma In Corporate Governance

The Diploma in Corporate Governance from the Corporate Governance Institute is, by far, the most up to date, globally available training programme to help directors understand what they are doing in the boardroom and how to navigate this world.

Boardroom directors in all types of organisations are coming under increased scrutiny. This is happening across a range of areas to include risk, compliance, finance and organisational security. This scrutiny is, quite often, very personal, and can often result in reputational damage for both the individual director as well as the business.

Based on extensive feedback, some of the ways that a Diploma in Corporate Governance can add personal value include:

Participants of this course tend to clearly understand how boards work and take part in the Boardroom discussions.  They are then better equipped to navigate how the various committees operate, which committees should be in place and how they enhance the smooth operation of a Board.

Delegates who take a Diploma in Corporate Governance generally understand what skills are necessary to be effective on the board, enabling them to be more effective and impactful in the boardroom.

A well developed Diploma in Corporate Governance will introduce delegates to the foundations of the operations of a board, including 

  • the various reporting tools that are required
  • the ongoing ethical issues that arise and how to deal with them on a modern board,
  • how the nature and effect that culture – good and bad – can have on an organisation.

On completion of such a Diploma, participants should be in a strong position to evaluate the various risks facing an organisation and how to mitigate these risks.

Finally, this programme will introduce you to the world of the Non Executive Director (NED). The road to being a Non Executive Director should be carefully planned. This course will help you to formulate such a plan, putting you on the road to becoming a successful NED.

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